Newsman Pro Freeware Edition

Read Usenet posts and plunder binary groups

Much as you'd be led to think otherwise following the massive rise of RSS, Usenet is still alive and kicking. This application is designed to make it quick and easy for you to read usenet feeds and access binary newsgroups.

Benefits of NewsMan include:

Clean, easy-to-use interface

Designed not only to be good-looking, but also to make browsing and downloading from Usenet easy and enjoyable. Comes with eight different Themes and is also designed to work well with third-party skinning programs like StyleXP and Windowblinds.

Full support for text and binary newsgroups

You can read text newsgroups effortlessly and store articles as long as you want in the database. NewsMan also fully supports binary newsgroups and decodes Mime, UUE and yEnc encoded messages in a separate background thread to minimize CPU usage.

Multiple Server Support

True multi-server support gives you the ability to download headers from your best, most complete news server and download articles from any servers that you have access to. Servers can be prioritized so that article bodies are downloaded from your least expensive server first. In addition, if you exclude a server from the priority list, Newsman treats it like a "private server" where headers and articles are processed only through that server.

Full support for NZB files

NZB files ( ) save you time by allowing you to download binaries without retrieving headers. Newsman Pro gives you full support for NZB files by allowing you to import multiple files at once within the program. NZB messages are placed into a separate virtual group. You can also associate NZB files with Newsman Pro and Newsman will import them when you open the files in Windows Explorer.

Robust multi-threaded architecture

Downloading, header processing, attachment processing, Automation, Scheduled Tasks and Trash purging processing all happen in their own threads. Newsman can perform many tasks simultaneously allowing you to do several things at once.

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Newsman Pro Freeware Edition